Thursday, October 27, 2011

Descriptive Writing

Everyday in the summer, my sons and I ride past this house. We do this mainly because directly across the street is where Craig Biggio lives and my older son is hoping to one day see him in his yard and get his autograph. Anyway, in the area the homes are prestine except for this house. Because of the fact that it has not been kept up, the boys and I like to tell stories about the house. My younger son thinks it is haunted while my older son and I imagine the grand parties that happened in the garden and around the porch and all the famous presidents and people that may have visited the house. But, mostly we all wonder who left this grand home in such despair. 
I can see how students can take real life pictures found on picasa and create beautiful pieces of writing using their imagination and background information about an area. For example, the area in which this home is found was a summer hot spot for the presidents back in the day. Also, many famous people have summer homes in the area. Students can search an area that they have visited and find pictures that trigger memories to create beautiful pieces of writing.

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