Monday, November 21, 2011

Tool 10

I really like the first video that shares information on digital citzenship.  The gentlemen says that we need to empower our students to safely navigate the web and navigate with a purpose.  Students need to realize what they can share and how they must have parental or teacher permission before they go public with what they are posting.  They need to be safe and smart in the digital world.  The site Cybersmart Literacy and Curriculum has various topics on appropriate usage of the web and curriculum appropriate for various age groups.
I think it would be important to have a meeting with both the parents and students at the beginning of the year to discuss digital citzenship and also the SBISD acceptance policy.  I think it is important to constantly follow-up with the parents and students.  With the parents the follow-up can be at open-house and on conference days.  If I see the need I will also call special parent meetings and I can tweet information that they can peruse at home.

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  1. Great idea about tweeting with parents. Your twitter account could be tracy'stechtip or ttt!