Monday, November 21, 2011

Tool 8

After watching the videos I learned that all the devices have some sort of camera or recording device.  On the netbooks the camera is great for skype and on the itouches I love the idea of recording the students voices while they read.  In the netbook video it suggests having a workstation for the students when they login for the first time.  Great helpful hint since I was unaware that the first time students login in takes more time.
I wanted to create my new Itunes account, but was stuck finding KACE.  I will work with my librarian tomorrow so I can do this.  I also think it may be problematic because I use my school email as one of my Itunes accounts now.  I guess I will find out when I try to set it up.
As with anything in the classroom, management is key to the students learning.  Since I will not be given devices on my own, I will follow the teachers lead on the procedures of using the devices.  I do like the idea of creating them together and of course having them posted for a quick reference.


  1. Once again thanks to joan problems solved. I have itunes on my laptop already just need to go in and change my accountant at home.

  2. You are welcome! You are really a quick learners so it didn't take but a moment! :)